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Who in Arizona is a MBSImP Registered Clinician?

Diamond Diagnostics is proudly staffed with MBSImP Registered Clinicians

The following is a list of Arizona SLPs (Speech Language Pathologist) that are Registered Clinicians with MBSImP. These clinicians are trained to assess Modified Barium Swallow Study results using the evidence-based and standardized MBSImP protocol.


You can see the official list of Registered MBSImP Clinicians at:

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Diamond Diagnostics requires three documents to schedule a Modified Barium Swallow Study:

  1. A physician order written as:
    "Dysphagia consultation including MBSS, due to (specify the clinical indication)."
  2. A completed Diamond Diagnostics Intake Form or patient history and physical. Download the forms below.
  3. The patient's face sheet.

FAX the required documents to Diamond Diagnostics at (866) 728-9321
We will contact you within 24 hours to schedule the consultation.

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