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Dysphagia Specialists

Do you like working with a trained and dedicated team of professionals who deliver the Gold Standard in patient care?
Look no further than Diamond Diagnostics.

The Diamond Diagnostics mobile MBS clinic is staffed with Dysphagia Specialists including a licensed physician, a certified speech language pathologist, and a driver/technician. All are specifically trained to perform the Mobile Modified Barium Swallow Study - Mobile MBS.

It all started with a need... Mobile Modified Barium Swallow Studies

Being Health Care Professionals, we realized that in order to meet state and federal regulations, nursing homes and care facilities need to make sure that the diet of each patient is in line with their swallowing abilities. Nurses may sometimes notice their patients choking or coughing when eating or drinking, or even recurring pneumonia. This is an indication that a Modified Barium Swallow Study (MBSS, MBS or VFSS) should be ordered by their doctor.

We also realized that most of these patients are very ill, which caused additional challenges and expenses for both the patient and the care facility in having the need to transport the patient to a hospital for evaluation with a modified barium swallow study. The evaluation results often took several days to get back to the care facility's Speech Pathologist and therefore delayed appropriate treatment of the patient.

The need for a mobile MBSS and evaluation is obvious. Through the use of state-of-the-art video fluoroscopy equipment and certified, licensed, and proficient staff, Diamond Diagnostics commits to providing mobile on-site, cost-effective, timely, and ethical dysphagia consultations including a Modified Barium Swallow Study. Not only will we provide efficient delivery of high quality services, but we will also be dedicated to treating each patient with dignity and respect. We continually strive to be the leader of specialized dysphagia evaluations in the state of Arizona.

Diamond Diagnostics... The original Mobile MBS service in the Southwest.